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Property Insurance Company Of America - A leading provider of Property Casualty Insurance
About Property Insurance Corporation of America (PICA)

PICA is a Mississippi-based property casualty insurer. Our funding comes from experienced insurance professionals and business investors interested in a long-term commitment to Gulf Coast homeowners. 

    Like other insurers, PICA makes maximum use of technology.  Unlike others, we use automation to facilitate operating efficiency and responsiveness to consumers, not as a shield to avoid individual underwriting decisions and personalized service. We seek solutions to unique situations and make underwriting exceptions that other companies reject.

    PICA contracts only with experienced, professional agents who put service to their customers first. We screen, train and get to  know them personally. We strive to be the best and expect nothing less from our agents. 

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Our Team

Ned Dolese

Robert “Ned” Dolese was previously President and one of the founders of another property insurance company, headquartered in Gulfport, Mississippi. A regional property and casualty insurance company, this carrier began operations in 2010 and has grown to become one the largest writers of homeowner’s insurance which includes the peril of wind along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

    Ned has extensive experience in various lines of insurance including life, health, disability and annuity lines. He was previously Chairman and CEO of a regional life insurance company from 1997 through 2003. Through acquisitions of other insurance operations, as well as product innovations, the company expanded into a significant presence in its market space.

Leslie McNair

Prior to working at Property Insurance Company of America, Leslie was both a field adjuster and desk adjuster, settling claims for two of the largest insurance carriers in the country.  Working in the field as well as an inside adjuster, Leslie has experience of working directly with claimants, contractors, outside adjusters and other third-party vendors.  Having experienced recent storm damage from Hurricane Zeta, Leslie knows the process from both sides, giving her a unique perspective of claim handling

Rob Craighill

Rob hails from Virginia and has lived on the Mississippi Gulf Coast for three years. Prior to Property Insurance Company of America, he spent over 3 decades in sales and marketing assisting a regional business transition into a Fortune 500 company. During this time, he was responsible for consistent and profitable sales growth, enhancing customer relations and promoting the company. Rob is excited to work with our agent partners to meet their needs and earn their business.

Shelly McNair

Shelly was the operations manager for a wastewater equipment manufacturer and construction company handling $4-$8 million in sales per year. She was responsible for the accounting, including preparing financial statements, and taxes. She was also responsible for procuring all construction bonds, payment bonds. Shelly obtained her adjuster license in 2019 and is licensed in six states. Having been in the construction industry, Shelly is keenly aware of the importance of attention to detail and is using that knowledge in her day-to-day underwriting position at PICA.

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